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" Experience - Integrity - Value"

For Sale By Owner MLS
Flat Fee MLS Programs

Get the exposure you need without a listing commission and save $ thousands!

Greater Syracuse & Central NY Region

We are a "For Sale By Owner" specialist broker offering Flat Fee MLS (Multiple Listing Service) for Onondaga, Cayuga, Madison, Oswego, Cortland, Oneida, Jefferson and Lewis Counties plus the Eastern Finger Lakes region. Blanket coverage is all across Central & Western NY. 

Our proven Flat Fee MLS programs combine "For Sale By Owner" and the Realtor® MLS (Multiple Listing Service) so you get the best of both worlds and save big money!

      +      =

List your property in the Realtors® MLS System for maximum exposure while saving many thousands! Listings have coverage all over Central NY including the eastern Finger Lakes region. It's the same MLS system (Matrix™) that all local 1,500 Syracuse & Central NY brokers/agents use plus another 4,800 in Western NY since the local MLS is now combined for mega exposure. Put the power of the MLS on your side where about 90% of all real estate sales originate. Using one of our Flat Fee MLS programs, you will save at  least 50% in commissions since we do not charge a listing commission! You might sell on your own too with all the exposure you will be getting so whichever way your house sells, you're going to save money! Bottom line, it will sell and you will save some serious money without a listing commission!


It's Simple. Here's How It Works.

You pay a one time flat fee and your house goes into the same exact Realtor® MLS (Matrix™) that the local brokers and agents of GSAR (Greater Syracuse Association of Realtors®) use plus it's listed on more than 70 additional top real estate sites.


 You do not pay a listing commission (ever). You save about 50% right there by not paying us or anyone else a 3% listing commission.


 If a buyer's broker sells your house, then you pay them the commission that you decided when you listed your house in the MLS (usually 2-3%) at closing. That's it, there is no other commission due anyone!

 You also retain your right to sell on your own (For Sale By Owner) and pay no commission to anyone if you sell it to your own buyer. MLS brokers will also be trying to sell your house so either you sell it yourself or a broker sells it, whichever comes first.

 Buyers and agents will be calling you directly. You will be responsible for answering questions, arranging appointments, showing the house, doing any optional open houses, follow up, etc. We get your house maximum exposure and marketing support but you do some of the work and save about 50% or more in the process. With a typical $150,000 house, you would save at least $4,500 (minus the flat fee) without the listing commission and possibly twice that amount if you sold it yourself plus you still get the benefit of professional coaching from Northern Star Realty. Remember you are saving the 3% listing commission for your efforts and instead paying just the one time flat fee. If you don't mind doing some of the work, you can save a lot of money! If an agent sells your house, they will then take over the responsibilities to get it closed.

 There is no price limit on the house, the more expensive the house, the more you save!

You sign up for the service online and your listing is in the MLS usually within 24 hours after you complete  the online forms.





Northern Star Realty
Flat Fee MLS Programs

Your property is listed in the local Realtor® MLS (Matrix™) which is the same exact MLS used by all 1500  real estate brokers/agents in Syracuse & Central NY belonging to the Greater Syracuse Association of Realtors® (GSAR) plus another 4,800 across Western NY. Your MLS listing number will have an "S" in front of it like all the rest of the Syracuse area listings. About 90% of all sales originate from the Multiple Listing System since it allows any company to sell any other company's listing.

Your property is listed on over 70+ major websites including Realtor.com, Trulia.com, Zillow.com, Homes.com, AOLrealestate.com, Yahoorealestate.com, Realtytrac.com,  Homefinder.com, Remax.com, ColdwellBanker.com, Prudential.com & more.

Insertion on CNYRealtor.com -  The most popular Syracuse region MLS search site (public MLS) with additional free open house listings. It's the sister site of the Syracuse Realtor MLS.

Your property is listed on some of the largest local Syracuse broker's websites like HowardHanna.com and other IDX member sites.

You choose your own commission to offer a buyer's broker when you list in the MLS, usually 2-3%. You are not paying a listing commission so you are saving about 50% in commissions right there vs. a full service listing.

You retain your right to sell on your own to your buyer without any commissions due. (For Sale By Owner)

All buyer leads (100%) immediately forwarded to you from the various websites and phone calls.

Unlimited listing changes in the MLS to price, features and public remarks. (No Extra Charges)

Unlimited open house listings in the MLS, Zillow.com, Trulia.com, CNYrealtor.com and Realtor.com.
(No Extra Charges)

Downloadable NYS approved contracts, forms, and disclosures to complete your FSBO sale if needed. (Note: if a buyer's broker sells your house, they will generate all forms used in the transaction)

Professional Comparative Market Analysis Report (CMA) to help with pricing your property. This report shows recent comparable sales in your area in the last 12 months, pending sales and other similar properties currently on the market (your competition) all in a close proximity to your property. If needed, this in depth report is emailed to you with photos. ($75 value but worth much more if it saves you time or money!)

Expert marketing support 24/7 as needed during the listing by cell phone or email from "Sales Master Platinum Award" winning Realtor® Robert J. Piazza (Bob), an upstate NY real estate broker/owner who has 33 years experience, an honest reputation, and a proven track record.

"For Sale By Owner" web page for your property with your contact info should you decide to do some of your own marketing.

Printable photo fact sheets to give prospective buyers at open houses and showings.

Downloadable e flyer " How To Sell Quickly & Most Common Mistakes To Avoid "

Add virtual tour to the MLS, CNYRealtor.com, Trulia, and Zillow. (owner supplied)

Your listing displayed on Northern Star Realty's site with your contact info allows buyers to reach you directly.

Your listing entered in the MLS usually within 24 hours after completion of forms by you. Submit the forms by fax, email or do all online. Your choice.

Cancel your listing at any time and for any reason.

Special 100% money back guarantee*.

Photos included in the MLS (Supplied by owner)

20 36

MLS listing term.


Free renewal past listing expiration date if needed.


Unlimited photo changes. (No Extra Charges)


Weekly Seller's Personalized Marketing Report from Realtor.com showing web traffic your listing got from the previous week and other metrics. (Most full service Realtors® don't even include this but we do.)


FREE Professional Instaview Virtual Tour Video with music by Property Panorama. Up to 25 owner supplied photos. Video is Inserted in the MLS, CNYRealtor.com, Zillow, Trulia, cnyhomes.com, YouTube & more.
($100 value)


Professional yard sign. Vinyl 18" x 24" with MLS logo, your phone number on both sides and stand.
FREE 1-2 day USPS Priority Mail shipping right to your door.


"Open House" sign and stand with directional arrow.


Professional coaching and broker assistance when you receive a written offer. This premium feature alone could save you thousands of dollars and/or prevent you from making costly mistakes. It could also save you precious time and/or help keep your transaction together. You have the option to consult with someone with lots of experience (Robert J. Piazza/Broker) to talk things through with when you get a written offer from a buyer's agent or your own buyer. Having a broker's expert opinion and coaching available is a smart option to have, it's like having a safety net. Use our 33 years experience and local knowledge to your benefit. We are available by phone or email days, nights and weekends to review your offers because they can come in at any time. Knowledge is the key to success in real estate. This is where the real value is with our program as you are getting the exposure you need to sell and the top level professional help you will want for very little compared to a full service listing.


Seller's net sheet prepared for you. This will show you how much cash you will walk away with after all closing costs and mortgage payoffs are deducted from your offer. Can you afford to accept the offer or not? This is how you tell and really is your bottom line.

 Central NY's best values for discount realty services plus Flat Fee MLS by
an experienced Realtor® with a proven track record !

Your property lists on the following sites and more!


( Note: there may be additional sites not shown as new sites are added and others are replaced occasionally.)

Remember, your listing goes on the above sites plus hundreds of additional syndicated sites and that's in addition to the Realtor® MLS, Realtor.com and CNYRealtor.com. To see more details on any of the above sites we subscribe to Click Here. We use a service called Listhub to syndicate our listings to all the rest of the sites automatically. In addition to the above sites, these sites power many other sites so in reality there are about 700 real estate sites that your house will be on! It's a lot of exposure!


In addition to the above sites, your listing will also be on many of the largest national franchise broker websites like PrudentialRealEstate.com, ColdwellBanker.com, Remax.com, RealtyExecutives.com, Century21.com and more. These include many of the finest local Syracuse brokers who are affiliated with these national franchises and also on local broker's websites like HowardHanna.com.



Note: Your listing is on mega site Realtor.com, the one of the most visited real estate sites in the USA. This national site is where many buyers start their search including those relocating to a new city. Realtor.com gets thousands of hits each day. It also lists your open house date and times so you generate extra foot traffic to your open houses. This is the centralized real estate data base for all MLS listings nationwide.

Follow your listing's web Traffic! 

With our Gold Plan, you will get a Weekly Seller's Personalized Marketing Report emailed to you. It will display the number of views your listing got and other metrics from Realtor.com. This is a premium feature most full service brokers don't even offer but we include it.


Our Gold plan customers even get a professional Instaview Virtual Tour Video produced by Property Panorama to add to the MLS, CNYRealtor.com, Youtube and select sites, a $100 value. Properties with virtual tour videos get 5 times more leads if there are at least 15 photos.



* Special 100% Money Back Guarantee Details

Optional Extras

 Quantity Discount For More Than 1 Property

Flat Fee MLS for Central NY lots, land & Acreage 

                    10% Discount to Active Duty Military Members  
Thank You For Your Service!

Sign Info


Our service is simple and not real complicated. It is a limited service agreement with you doing some of the work and us getting you the maximum exposure you need to sell with the MLS and top 70+ real estate websites in the country plus support. You are in full control by handling the showings, questions and follow up but we are here 24/7 if you need us. Your listing will appear on the same Syracuse MLS (Matrix™) that all the local Realtors® use, just like any other MLS listing. Your commission savings will be known only to you since the listing commission (zero) is not published in the MLS but just the buyer broker's commission.

Northern Star Realty has a proven track record in the Syracuse, Central and Western NY Regions since 2002 and Robert J. Piazza/Broker since 1982. We tell you up front what you get with your paid listing. There are no surprises, no fine print, no add ons, no bait & switch! We include everything you need to sell and we are the ones who will service your listing. We are in touch with local customs, pricing, trends, forms, and NYS regulations. You list and work directly with Robert J. Piazza (Bob) as we are not a middleman. Listing with a proven professional who knows the Syracuse & Central NY market only makes sense to get your house sold for the most money and in the shortest reasonable time.

A huge benefit of our "Gold MLS Program" is we will review any written offers you receive and not leave you on your own. We can answer any questions and provide an expert opinion on your offer. A Realtor's® point of view and experience can be helpful and save you money, time or mistakes when you get an offer. Even though this is a discounted real estate service, you are still getting professional support by an experienced award winning Realtor®. When you get an offer, we will be your safety net and you will be glad you have us with our expertise.

Northern Star Realty is a New York State licensed real estate broker. Robert J. Piazza, Broker/Owner has sold multi millions since 1982 and knows the local market. Robert Piazza (Bob) is someone who you can actually talk to when needed, it's like having your own personal marketing & sales consultant. Robert has a real estate degree from SUNY Canton, a marketing degree from R.I.T. and has also consulted thousands of others in all 50 states for a nationally known real estate seminar company. Northern Star Realty subscribes to the CNYIS (Central NY Information Service, Inc.) MLS used by GSAR (Greater Syracuse Association of Realtors®), also is a member of the New York State Association of Realtors® and the National Association of Realtors®.


See how much you are saving by not paying a 3% listing commission!

You sell a $100,000 house and save $3,000
You sell a $150,000 house and save $4,500
You sell a $200,000 house and save $6,000
You sell a $250,000 house and save $7,500
You sell a $300,000 house and save $

(Deduct the one time flat fee for your total listing commission savings)

Note: Some Syracuse full service brokers charge 7% commission and thus a 3.5% listing commission so your savings shown above could be even more! Remember you may still sell it on your own (FSBO) to save 100% of the commission as many others have!

Last year in 2017, the average commission saved by Northern Star Realty's Flat Fee MLS "SOLD" customers in the Syracuse Region was nearly a whopping $6,000 per house even after the flat fee was deducted! Take a look at some of the huge saving examples our sellers got on our listings page using our Flat Fee MLS programs. What could you do with savings like that? Use it for your next house, a car, school, an investment, pay bills, or put it in the bank! There is no reason to pay 6% commission to sell your house anymore and with our expertise, we can help you do it for much less.

Do business with the same real estate family who brought the 1st computerized MLS system to Western NY in 1973.  (The Piazzas)  See retro article

"Bob, I would like you to know I am delighted with you and the flat fee listing service you provide. I was initially impressed with your website and how clear you explain the process. Selling my townhouse totally commission free 3 days after you listed it on the MLS was amazing.You took all of my calls for advice, I followed it and saved $9,800. The entire process went very smoothly with no surprises.Your customer service is second to none!  Thank you for everything!"   Tom S.,   Baldwinsville, NY

"Bob, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your agency and your service. With your flat fee service I saved 6% of $125,000 or $7,500 in listing and buyer real estate commissions. I sold my house as a result of 1 of 2 open houses you set up for me in the MLS. I would also like to say that your extremely quick turnaround in loading our information into the system and announcing the open house dates was most appreciated. Your attention to detail was critical to our success. Anytime we called for advice we had a wonderful experience. I honestly do not know why anyone would ever pay 3% to list their house for sale when they can partner with you for a nominal flat fee.Your service is great and we feel fortunate to have found you. Thanks for everything you have done for us!"   
Valerie J.,      Syracuse, NY 

"I couldn't be more pleased with the support and services I received from Northern Star Realty. In today's tough real estate it is crucial for sellers to retain as much of their hard-earned equity as possible. "For Sale By Owner" with the added boost of a great flat-fee broker like Northern Star Realty gives the seller terrific exposure in the market and cuts the typical real estate commission almost in half. It will be the best investment you ever make!"     Wendy H.,      Clay, NY  

"We called Northern Star Realty after listing with local real estate and not meeting success. Bob spent a good deal of time explaining how we should go about selling our house on our own.  After receiving an offer, Bob welcomed our questions about the appropriate procedures to follow and put the deal together. He is extremely knowledgeable of all aspects of this business and willing to share this expertise with his clients. I would recommend his service highly to anyone interested in listing and selling their home. Thanks again for your help."     Bill/Renee M.,    Baldwinsville, NY

"Everything you need from a Realtor - Bob Piazza covers! After he puts you on the MLS and all the national websites, he goes onto insert your ever changing open houses, and wording copy changes. Questions? ASK HIM and he gives specific solid answers. Then when you get an offer he'll give advice to countering and dealing with Buyers. Total Professional from Beginning to End!" 
Daryl P.,       Baldwinsville, NY 

"We highly recommend Bob's Flat Fee Service. He was referred by our nephew who recently had successfully used his service. The first week we signed up with Bob he suggested we have an open house. Our open house was very, very well attended and by the end, we had 3 verbal offers which were backed up in the next week with written offers from all 3 buyers. Bob then helped us to evaluate and counter the offers and ultimately accept the best offer. Even though we were experienced with buying and selling homes, Bob's advice and services where invaluable throughout the process."  Dave B.              Manlius, NY

"I decided to sell my house on my own and in doing so I was referred to Bob Piazza. He was extremely helpful and provided me with much needed information. My house sold quickly and without the tools provides by Mr. Piazza my house would probably still be on the market !!! Thanks for all your help Bob."     Laurie H.             Clay, NY

"I recently sold my house using Northern Star Realty. I would recommend using the Flat Fee MLS with Bob Piazza. He was responsive, answered all my questions, and gave expert advice. He followed through right to the end of the sale. Although this type of service involved work on my part, I found it rewarding in being directly involved and by saving money. I have already told my friends and family that this is a great way to sell a home and would be willing to talk with anyone who might be hesitant about using this service."
Connie C.                 Liverpool, NY

"What a great service for anyone looking to sell their home quickly, but most of all cost efficiently!  Not only do you get your listing on the mls, but all the other sites that a broker would use to market your home. We saved thousands of dollars using this service and Bob was there to help with any questions we had. Thanks so much!"     Stefen B.         Clay, NY

"My husband and I used Northern Star Realty to sell our house.  Our agent Bob Piazza was very knowledgeable and professional. He answered all of our questions and concerns. We made numerous calls  that went directly to him.  If he wasn't available to answer the call, he immediately got back to us.  Thank you Bob for helping us sell our home using the MLS system with just a flat rate and no realtors fees. "      Connie and Jack C.        Cicero, NY

"Bob was very responsive and provided immediate assistance and understandable explanations about his for sale by owner/MLS listing service. Having not gone through the process of selling my home on my own before, Bob made it seem easy, as if I had done it a thousand times before. He is readily available to address your concerns as needed, no long wait time to establish contact. I sold my house within 3 weeks of obtaining Bob's services. I recommend giving his service a try and I highly recommend Bob."
Barbara W.            Cicero, NY

See more of our testimonials

Robert J. Piazza reviews


2013 Sales Master Gold Award Recipient and 2104 Sales Master Award Recipient

2015, 2016, and 2017 Sales Master Platinum Award Recipient (top award)

A few years back the Syracuse, Rochester & Buffalo MLS Systems were merged into one for combined coverage and now cover a wide swath of New York. If your house is located between cities...no worries, you are covered! All listings are automatically in all 3 regions and counties on the map below for maximum exposure. You will be listed in the same exact MLS that all local brokers/agents use, the only difference... you will be saving some serious money without a listing commission! Forget 6%!


Our MLS service (Matrix™) is effective and available in these NY counties: Onondaga, Oswego, Cayuga, Madison, Oneida, Seneca, Tomkins, Cortland, Jefferson, Lewis, Monroe, Livingston, Steuben, Wayne, Ontario, Yates, Schuyler, Niagara, Erie, Chautauqua, Cattaraugus, Orleans, Genesee, Wyoming, and Allegany.  


2017 NAR Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers

Recent data suggests that an overwhelming amount of buyers use an agent to buy a home (89%). Our Flat Fee MLS programs will up your odds considerably by allowing agents to sell your property and uses the power of the MLS and website syndication to get your property maximum exposure. Our MLS programs will still allow you to sell on your own (FSBO) if you want to by using all that exposure and will greatly up your odds from the national average to sell as a "for sale by owner".

A word about quick sales & pricing...

If you need a quick sale, that will depend on how aggressive your pricing is. If desired, our program will allow you to aggressively price your house since you will be paying just a 2-3% commission to a buyer's broker instead of the full 6% commission like a full service listing. This will allow you to keep your price down for a faster sale. Remember you pay 0% if you sell it FSBO and you might with all the exposure you will be getting through the MLS & websites. If you are not in a hurry for a quick sale and can wait a "normal" time frame, then price accordingly and you can pocket that extra 3% savings. There is no pressure from us on pricing unlike some listing brokers who must pressure you on price to make any money. Our Flat Fee MLS programs allow you to either sell your house faster or increases your bottom line depending on your time frame. You are in full control!

Savings can be from $3,000-$20,000 or more! We feel our Flat Fee MLS programs are the best values out there because of our experience in Central & Western NY, our expert consultations, all the included features of our programs, our 24/7 support and accessibility (we answer the phone). Basically you are paying just our flat fee with no listing commission (saving 3% commission & about 50% right there) plus paying the buyer's broker a commission if they sell the property. Remember you pay no commission if you sell to your own buyer (FSBO). Now you can have the best of both worlds and save a lot of money. This is a win-win!

How much do you really want to pay to get your house into the Syracuse MLS and on multiple websites to get it sold with professional help?  $3,000, $6,000, $10,000, $15,000 or just our reasonable one time flat fee?


Do you like the idea of being in control of your sale, saving thousands, and getting maximum exposure?

Do you like the idea of a MLS listing and retaining the right to sell on your own with no commissions?

Do you want to be able to choose how much commission you would to pay to a selling broker?

Do you have little home equity or owe more than the house is worth and need to sell at a realistic price?

Do you have a house you want to flip? House flippers maximize their bottom line with this service and love it!

Do you have an expensive house where 6% commission is way too much money to pay?

Do you want to save $ thousands selling in tough times & are willing to do some of the work?

Do you need to keep your price realistic for a faster sale and not inflate it to cover the commission ?


Keep more of your home equity!

Lets face it….times are changing….people are tired of paying 6% commission especially “For Sale By Owners”. Why not list and sell using the MLS for about half the regular commission rate or none at all? Northern Star Realty’s Flat Fee MLS programs of selling real estate are a smart choice that combines the best of both worlds... "For Sale By Owner" & the MLS!

Bottom line
...Our proven Flat Fee MLS Programs makes it easy to get your house sold in 2018 while saving you many thousands of dollars.
Save & keep your equity!  In 2017 our Syracuse area sellers averaged nearly $6,000 in equity savings per sale! We are an experienced, reputable Upstate NY real estate broker who is there for support 24/7.

 Flat Fee MLS Programs




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To list your house and get started, it's as easy as 1...2...3

1-  Pick your program below and click the "Buy Now" button or mail a check.

2-  Fill out the listing paperwork from the link you will receive at checkout. You can fill out and submit the listing paperwork completely online (anytime) or download the forms at your convenience from the link, your choice. 

3-  After we receive your paperwork, your MLS listing will be active within 24 hrs. (usually) and the marketing will begin!


Flat Fee MLS Programs

No Paypal account needed for credit or debit cards! We also accept checks and money orders.
No payments and no interest if paid in full within 6 months with Paypal Credit ®.

" Experience - Integrity- Value "

Central NY's Most Experienced Discount Realtor®
Sales Master Gold & Platinum Award Winner


Northern Star Realty
Div. of  Northern Star Real Estate, LLC
Robert J. Piazza, Real Estate Broker

Syracuse/Central NY 315-760-4594 
Toll Free 866-781-1296

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If your house is currently listed with another broker, please disregard this offer. It is not our intention to solicit any active listings. Northern Star Realty is a licensed NYS real estate broker.

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